Bryophytes and Algae

A checklist of mosses of Hawaiʻi is here: A list of mosses of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park by M. Waite in 2007 is here:

The California Native Plant Society publishes a journal, Fremontia, and the entire Volume 31, No.3, a special issue, is about bryophytes and has some interesting articles. There is a small charge for the issue:

Hawaiian stream algae have received little attention. One major study by A. Sherwood et al in 2014 is described in the paper The Hawaiian freshwater algae biodiversity survey (2009–2014): systematic and biogeographic trends with an emphasis on the macroalgae. The study looked at 1,786 habitats on six Hawaiʻi islands. One conclusion: “Forty-four well-characterized taxa were assessed for global distribution patterns. This analysis revealed no clear biogeographic affinities of the flora, with 27.3% characterized as “cosmopolitan”, 11.4% “endemic”, and 61.3% as intermediate. The paper can be accessed here: