DLNR 2015 SWAP individual factsheets for waterbird species are here: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/wildlife/hswap/fact-sheets/. Links for each are below.

  • Koloa maoli (Hawaiian duck) State and Federal Endangered
  • ‘Alae ‘ula (Hawaiian common moorhen) State and Federal Endangeredv
  • ‘Alae ke‘o ke‘o (Hawaiian coot) State and Federal Endangered
  • Nene (Hawaiian goose) State and Federal Endangered
  • Ae‘o (Hawaiian stilt) State and Federal Endangered
  • Auku‘u (Black-crowned night heron)

Nene, although not what might be considered a waterbird, is included with this group.

 Image from: http://hbmpweb.pbrc.hawaii.edu/dlnr/projects/sanctuaries/pouhala_waterbird
Credit: NPS

Wikipedia page links for endemic waterbirds of Hawaiʻi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_endemic_birds_of_Hawaii) are below. Colored text indicates IUCN designations (VU-vulnerable, EN-Endangered, CR-critically endangered, EX-Extinct; LC indicates least concern).